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Medical Air Compressors in the Health Care Market

Medical air compressors are essential to healthcare facilities and play a crucial role in various medical applications. Pattons Medical offers an extensive range of compressed air products for the healthcare industry, including medical air packages, medical vacuum packages, laboratory packages, outlets, zone valves, alarms, and manifolds.

Here are some ways medical air compressors are used in healthcare:

Patient Monitoring: Medical air compressors are used in certain patient monitoring systems that require compressed air for operation. For example, some non-invasive blood pressure monitors and oscillometric devices rely on compressed air to inflate and deflate cuffs for accurate readings.

Pattons Medical air compressors adhere to all NFPA 99 and CSA standards in order to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare environments. These standards require the necessity for air to be clean, dry, and contaminant-free to ensure patient safety and prevent infections. Regular maintenance, monitoring, and filtration systems are crucial to maintaining the compressed air quality used in healthcare applications.