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Medical Air Compressor

About Pattons Medical and team strength

Pattons Medical with its head quarters in Charlotte, North Carolina has been a supplier of medical and lab air systems, for over 15 years. As a medical compressor manufacturer and a medical compressor supplier, we manufacture high-quality, customizable medical air compressors for hospitals and medical centers in the USA. Our Medical Scroll compressors and Reciprocating medical air compressors provide medical grade compressed air.

Our team of trained medical gas consultants and medical air system design engineers can help you ensure that your medical air systems meet NFPA 99 code while remaining cost effective. contact us!

Types of Medical Air Compressor

Medical air compressors are very essential in any hospital or dental clinics as there is always a need for clean oil-free compressed air in these environments.

Why Use Pattons Medical Air Compressors?

Pattons Medical air compressor products meet or exceed NFPA 99 and CSA standards and are UL Approved.

Pattons Medical collaborates closely with you to design medical air compressor solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your healthcare facility. Should our off-the-shelf offerings fall short of precisely matching your needs, we are dedicated to partnering with you to craft custom medical air compressor packages that align with your unique specifications or intended uses.

Pattons Medical was established in 2008 and has manufactured medical gas equipment in Charlotte, North Carolina for over 15 years. Pattons Medical team brings to the table a combined expertise of 400+ years in medical gas solutions. We are committed to quality and innovation; we look forward to working with you and your needs to be your preferred partner for Medical Gas Equipment.

Years of dedicated research and development have gone into the creation of Pattons Medical air compressors, making them the optimal selection for ensuring dependable and consistent supplies of compressed medical air within hospital environments.

What is a medical air compressor?

A medical air compressor is a specialized piece of equipment used in healthcare settings to generate a continuous supply of clean and compressed air for various medical applications. These medical air systems plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of medical equipment and procedures that rely on a stable and continuous source of compressed air. Medical air compressors are designed to meet strict safety and quality standards to ensure the air produced is free from contaminants, such as particles, moisture, and oil. The air is typically filtered and dried to prevent potential harm to patients or damage to medical instruments used in the hospitals. Medical air compressors used in the hospital environment sometimes need desiccant air dryers to be added to provide completely dry air. These can be add ons or integrated to the medical air package.

The medical air compressors are usually oil-less reciprocating type compressors or oil-free scroll air compressors, which operate at high efficiency and low noise to suit the medical environment. Pattons Medical has been a medical air compressor supplier in USA for more than 50 years.

Key features of Medical Air Compressors

Medical grade air compressors ensure that the produced air is free from contaminants, such as oil, particles, and moisture. The air is thoroughly filtered and dried to meet specific purity levels required for medical use.

Compliance: These compressors comply with rigorous medical regulations and standards, such as NFPA 99 ensuring their suitability for use in healthcare environments.

Reliable Performance:
Medical grade air compressors are built for consistent and reliable performance to support critical medical procedures and equipment, like ventilators, anesthesia machines, and surgical tools.

Low Noise Levels:
To maintain a quiet and peaceful medical environment, medical air compressors are designed with noise reduction features, ensuring minimal disturbance to patients and medical staff.

Safety Measures:
Medical grade air compressors incorporate safety features like pressure monitoring, alarms, and automatic shutdown mechanisms to prevent potential hazards and ensure patient safety.

Maintenance and Service:
These compressors are engineered for ease of maintenance, with clear service schedules and accessible components for regular upkeep.

Medical grade air compressors play a crucial role in delivering compressed air for respiratory therapies, anesthesia administration, dental procedures, and powering various medical instruments. Their adherence to stringent quality and safety standards makes them an essential and dependable component of modern healthcare facilities, where the wellbeing of patients is of utmost importance.

Pattons Medical medical gas consultants are experts in understanding the compliance standards in the USA and can help you effortlessly design and implement medical compressed air requirements for all kinds of hospitals.

Applications of Medical Air Compressors

Medical air compressors play a crucial role in various applications within the healthcare industry. Medical-grade air compressors are specifically designed to produce clean, dry, and compressed air that meets the stringent requirements of medical standards. Some of the major applications of medical air compressors include:

Anesthesia Machines:
Anesthesia machines require a reliable source of medical-grade compressed air for functions such as powering pneumatic controls, ventilators, and driving surgical tools. Medical air compressors ensure that the air supplied to anesthesia machines is safe and 100% free from contaminants.

Respiratory Therapy:
Medical air compressors are often used in respiratory therapy to deliver compressed air to patients who require assistance with breathing.

Surgical Tools in Operating Rooms:
Compressed air is utilized in surgical environments for various purposes, such as powering pneumatic surgical instruments like drills, saws, and cautery devices. Clean and dry compressed air is essential to prevent contamination and ensure the safety of patients during surgical procedures.

Laboratory Applications:
Medical air compressors are used in medical and research laboratories for various applications, including providing a clean and regulated source of compressed air for analytical instruments, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and other equipment.

Dental Procedures:
Dental offices use medical air compressors for a range of purposes, including providing air for dental handpieces, drills, and other dental tools. The air must be clean and oil-free to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety.

Hyperbaric Chambers:
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves placing patients in a hyperbaric chamber and administering oxygen at higher pressures. Medical air compressors help generate the required pressure and deliver the necessary oxygen supply.

Medical Gas Supply Systems:
Medical air compressors are a key component of centralized medical gas supply systems, which provide a reliable source of medical gases (including medical air) throughout a healthcare facility, ensuring that the gases are readily available for patient care and medical procedures.

Patient Monitoring Equipment:
Medical air compressors can also provide air to certain patient monitoring equipment, helping to power pneumatic components and controls.

It's important to note that medical air compressors used in these applications must adhere to all NFPA 99 and CSA standards to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and healthcare professionals. Proper maintenance and monitoring of these systems are essential to ensure the delivery of clean and reliable compressed air.

FAQs on Medical Air Compressor

What is Medical Grade air Compressors?
Medical grade air compressors refer to a specific category of air compressors that are designed and manufactured to meet the strict requirements and standards of the healthcare industry. These compressors are used to produce a continuous supply of clean and compressed air essential for various medical applications in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, and other healthcare facilities.
How to size the medical air compressors?
Pattons medical gas consultants can help you find the right type and size of medical air compressors. You could also check our air sizing calculator here.