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Central Sterile Processing Air

Compressed Air is used in the Central Sterile Processing Department (CSPD) for supplying clean, dry air to sterilizers, cart washers, and air guns to dry scopes. There are also decontamination cabinets that use clean dry air for scopes as well. Below is potential demand for the equipment found in CSPD:

  • Endoscopy Storage/Drying: 4-6scfm
  • Sterilizers: 2-4scfm
  • Cart Washers: 3-6scfm
  • Processing Sinks: 1-3scfm

The equipment needs a delivery of 110psi. Some equipment could require a higher PSI in which case consider the High Pressure Scrolls.

These models have a simplex desiccant dryer to keep the footprint small