Corporate Contacts

We appreciate your interest in Pattons Medical. A company representative will be following up with you within 24 hours of your inquiry. All information is kept confidential.

Pattons Medical
4610 Entrance Drive Suite H,
Charlotte, NC 28273.
Tel: 704-529-5442
Fax: 704-525-5148
Manufacturing Location for
Medical Air Systems,
Medical Vacuum Systems,
Medical Air Dryers.
Bill To Address
Pattons Medical,
3201, South Blvd Charlotte,
NC 28209.
Remit To Address
Pattons Medical,
P.O. Box 63374, Charlotte,
NC 28209.

Customer Service704-529-5442 Ext.10248

Contacts Phone
National Sales Manager 704-560-0808
Engineering/Service Tech Support 704-529-5442 Ext.10250
Payables 704-529-5442 Ext.10227
Receivables 704-529-5442 Ext.10229