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High pressure non-medical Air

NFPA 99 Code does not allow Medical Air to be used for applications other than patient respiratory. Very clean, very dry air is needed in applications throughout the hospitals in very small amounts and sometimes it is necessary to have small compressors deliver very high pressure of air. One example is the Central Sterile Department or Sterile Processing Department (SPD). This application requires air to blow off scopes after use to adhere to infection control standards. The sinks or blowers require 120psi. Using our Scroll Technology, we can deliver 145psi complete with dryers in an incredibly small footprint. The Scroll Technology is very quiet and low maintenance making it perfect for this application.

The 145psi scroll option is for when a delivery pressure of 120psi is required. We are able to mount the desiccant dryers horizontal along the tank utilizing desiccant cartridges. This makes the 10HP Duplex the smallest footprint on the market for Laboratory air package and a very economical option still complete with System Health.

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