Pattons Medical - Administration
Greg Hood – Operations Manager
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 25 years
  • Started as an assembler of air compressor packages for Fluid Energy/Beacon Medical Products
  • Became shop foreman for Beacon Medical Products with responsibilities for production of products, acquisition of manufacturing equipment and manager of shop personnel
  • Manufacturing manager for BeaconMedaes for both air and vacuum products, scheduled manufacture of products, directed the purchase of manufacturing equipment, production parts and supplies, managed 37 shop and warehouse personnel

Shannon McAfee – VP Sales and Business Development
  • Chemical Engineer for Bechtel Corporation specializing in Pump and Compressor Design and Calculations
  • National Account Manager for BeaconMedaes for 7 years where I traveled the country assisting engineers with specifications.
  • Worked with National IDNs on standards for medical gas to realize significant savings
  • Created McAfee Medical, LLC in Nashville. A medical gas design and consultant firm working with nationwide clients for 10 years
  • Started as Vice President of Sales and Business Development with Pattons Medical in July 2017

Pattons Medical - Engineering
Tim Hornbuckle – Engineering Manager and Electrical Controls
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 25 years
  • Started as assembler of air compressor packages for Fluid Energy/Beacon Medical Products
  • Responsible for testing, quality assurance, troubleshooting and some field service for compressor packages and air dryers
  • Advanced to Engineering position for development of electrical controls
  • Continued in role of quality assurance, testing and technical support for service
  • Responsible for UL approval program for all air and vacuum products for BeaconMedaes
  • Instrumental in the adaptation and development of HMI displays and programming
  • Developed Variable Frequency Drive program for vacuum systems

Tom Feller – Design Engineer
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 4 years as a Design Engineer
  • Responsible for the design of new or modification of existing air and vacuum systems, assisted manufacturing in solving assembly or performance problems
  • Previous experience in design, specification development and technical support with Nash-Gardner Denver vacuum products

Paul Lover – Design Engineer
  • Responsibilities include the design of Air and Vacuum systems both for Medical and industrial use.
  • The design and implementation of pipeline products
  • Responsible for Production Package information, communication between Engineering and production.
  • The design and implementation of Elgi Screw Compressor Tankmount program.
Production Support
John Young – Production Manager
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 9 years
  • Started as assembly technician of air and vacuum systems
  • Advanced to warehouse, shipping and receiving supervisor
  • Became Production Manager and supervisor of 38 shop personnel for air and vacuum systems manufacturing

Sales Support
Janet Williams
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 19 years
  • Initially involved in Customer Service
  • Became Production Coordinator in charge of scheduling, purchasing of components and supplies for manufacturing and immediate supervisor for 3 purchasing and production coordination personnel
  • Project Manager supporting 10 in-the-field sales people for air, vacuum and pipeline products in the Southeast

Cathy Brunk – Project Manager
  • A total of 29 years in the medical gas business: 11 years with Beacon 18 years with Puritan-Bennett.
  • Began as an administrative assistant, advanced to Equipment Estimator Trainee, Equipment Estimator, Senior Equipment Estimator, Project Manager, and Lead Project Manager
  • Involved with developing an efficient process to count equipment and effective quotation programs
  • Analyzed architectural drawings to identify proper equipment and quantities of each required per job,
  • Entered the list of equipment into a computer quotation system
  • Coordinated the price level with the Sales Personnel
  • Completed and provided quotations to the Sales Personnel for distribution to the bidding contractors.
  • Responsible for not only shipping and tracking information for the customer, but also returned goods and settlement of billing errors

Alden Brooks – Project Manager
  • Previously 21 years with Puritan Bennett and BeaconMedaes
  • Started as a submittal coordinator/project manager
  • Created submittal packages of drawings, Operation and Maintenance packages, quotation and specifications for customer use.
  • Works directly with Engineering Department to develop special products and processes
  • Promoted to Project Manager
  • Responsible for working with top sales team members.
  • Completed and provided quotations to the Sales personnel for Distribution to the bidding contractors.
  • Established as the in-house contacts for the sales force for project bids, revisions, issues, submittals, orders, shipping, tracking, and billing

Customer Support
Andy Hawkins – Warranty Administrator, Customer Service / Technical Support
  • Joined Pattons Inc in May 1987 as inside sales support and Designer.
  • Designed compressor and vacuum packages for industrial and hospital applications.
  • Design packages and electrical panels.
  • Built control panels and was UL liaison with UL inspectors.

Angelisa Sullivan – Customer Service/Inside Sales
  • Previously with BeaconMedaes for 6 years
  • Stated as service coordinator, moved to technical support and warranty, project management, parts department supervisor, and finally inside sales and parts management.

Medical Gas and Laboratory Consultants
Pat Coyle – Medical Gas / Lab Consultant – East Coast
  • Pattons Medical Direct Sales for past 6 years. Medical Gas / Lab Consultant
  • H & H Representatives, Charlotte, NC
  • Manufacturers Rep for Pattons Medical for 2 Years. Medical Gas Sales for the states of North and South Carolina
  • Manufacturers Rep for Beacon Medaes for 10 Years. Medical Gas Sales for the States of North and South Carolina

Jerry Newton – Medical Gas Consultant
  • Ohmeda Medical Engineering 5 years designing and selling medical gas delivery systems.
  • BeaconMedaes 20 years as a medical gas consultant designing and selling medical gas delivery systems.
  • Patton’s Medical as a medical gas consultant designing and selling medical gas delivery systems.

Kevin Finney – Medical Gas Consultant – Illinois, Wisconsin
  • Worked as a team with our Inside Sales force to effectively manage and cover my territory of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio
  • Over 100% to quota each month from January 2017-July 2017
  • Worked local and regional trade shows
  • Miller Heiman “Strategic/Conceptual Selling” sales course graduate, March 2015